Looking for a mobile phone deal... Can you help?

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Found 24th Oct 2009
Right, I'm a bit out of the game, and have been for a long time, but want a decent phone again because the cheap ones are just not good enough for me any more...

If I'm going with a contract, which I assume I will need to for the type of phone I want, then I would like the following:

Unlimited Internet
At least 200 xnet minutes per month
At least 500 texts per month

Not fussed on contract length, as long as the deal is right.

As for the phone... I don't know what alternatives there are, but I'm probably looking for either the iPhone (which I know has a fixed price at the moment, but not sure if it going on Orange will mean a bit more competition and better deals...) or a Blackberry. I have had Windows Mobile before, so I'm also happy with that. Just something with the power and functionality of an iPhone or Blackberry (although I do find the iPhone a bit big)

So, any help would be appreciated!


well o2 are offering until the 31st of October a decent pay and go contract for a required top up of £15 a month and you get:

Unlimited text
Unlimited Internet
and the £15 worth of call credit, all calls are 25p a min for first 3 mins and then 5p a minute for the rest of that day but it must be set up before october 31st.


no phone included thou but still a good deal to look at and with the extra money you save you can prob get a new mobile

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Yeah I had seen that actually, and thought it was quite good. Only thing is, my phone is so rubbish at the moment, I'd need a better phone to make use of the unlimited internet.

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Oh, and I work for the NHS, if that gets me any discounts...

some good deals on pay and go handsets now, carphone warehouse and o2 shop will do some decent handsets, don't think you will get a contract as good as that, you pay extra for the handset
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