Looking For A Mobile Smartphone That Isnt A Touch Screen

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Found 9th Mar 2011
My W995 is on really dodgy ground after dropping it in the loo, the number 4 key doesn't work and trying to send text messages avoiding words that have the letter g, h or i in them is driving me insane. Can anyone recommend a good deal, my criteria is:

* NOT, touchscreen - hate them - bring back buttons ;-)
* A good camera, I used my W995 as my main camera so photo quality must be good
* Must be able to browse web, check hotmail, would prefer to be able to open pdf documents (W995 didn't allow this, so not absolutely necessary)
* Must be quad band, work worldwide

I'm on O2 so must work on here or can easily be unlocked. Anyone got any ideas, Any decent smartphones are touch screen and I just can't decide other than get another W995!!!!



i've just changed my phone from w995 to blackberry torch on o2 and i love my blackberry

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Do you have to change your O2 tarrif if you have a blackberry. I'm on the very old simplicity tarriff (800 mins, 1600 messages and unlimited internet + 1 picture message or text message abroad is 4 out of your allowance) and I think I would have to change over if I got a blackberry which I'm reluctant to do.

I really not sure

I have an iPhone and I love it x

think you might need bb bolt on
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