Looking for a Motor electrician

    I hope this is in the right place if not could a MOD move it to the correct place.

    I have a Japanese import car which has a electronic speed limiter set on it.

    I am looking for a Motor Electrician that would be willing to either come to me or I go to them ( depending on Distance ) and splice into the ECU wiring loom 5 additional cables from an Apexi Rev Speed Limiter. I have routed the wires and everything just need someone who knows what they are doing to acually make the connections.

    I would obviously pay for this to be done again within reason.

    I would use a garage here but they are asking ridiculous money for a 5 wire job which should take someone in the know approx. 30 mins. I have all the diagrams etc etc

    Location: Bedford



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    Sorry forgot to add that I am in Bedford
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