Looking for a mountain bicycle under £100

    Hi, Wonder if someone can help.

    I'm looking to buy a bike. I'm not bothered about suspension or having the best brakes etc, but would like something light.

    The weight is probably the major factor for me as its to help with my bad joints, and the lighter the bike the better apparently. :oops:

    Thanks in advance



    Tesco have 2, 18 gear mountain bikes in at the moment.

    One for £35.99 and one for £55.99, don't know anything else about them, except that the £35 one is out of stock in a few places. I picked up a £55 one earlier today though in a Bradford tesco. Unfortunatley I've already given it away so can't check whatelse it says on the box.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info guys. Will look into the above.

    Your Welcome, hope you have fun with the bike

    i keep doing this, but please look into halfords. you will get much more bike for your money, better quality and they build it free and offer a free service.......and technical minded staff to help when something goes wrong! you buy a bike at tesco's , six months down the line and you have a problem, do you want a probable quick repair? a free service that maybe stops a problem starting? or do you want to drag the bike back to a local supermarket, speak to some kid who knows nothing about bikes shrug their shoulders whilst you pull out your hair?


    they have a sale on just now, check them out.

    Just thought id say i was looking for a bike a few weeks ago and saw on here an advert for sterling house, i was impressed with their service and the bike i got was a really good price and quality so id deffo give them a look
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