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    OK, so my Dad has asked me to find his girlfriend a MP3 player for christmas, I have absolutley no idea what im looking for though. He has a max budget of £40, and would like to be able to have about 200 songs on it. I have seen the little ipods that are £31 in argos, are there any other deals around? it doesnt have to be a ipod!

    Rep left to anyone who can help


    Difficult to advise without a little more knowledge - are they tech savvy, large music collection, audiophiles, need video or just rare use?

    I would suggest a good starting point may be the Sansa clip - excellent sound/very small/expandable with cards have a look here…8gb

    Only thing I would suggest with all the sub £100 players is get some Sennheiser CX300 h/phones for circa £13 - they'll make all the difference.

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    they are like me - they have no idea when it comes to technical things!! They want it for when they go on holiday for around the pool (they already have some speakers which just plug into the headphone hole)
    They wouldnt need a video, maybe a screen to say what song it was? but thats not really important
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