looking for a netbook with these specs

    good battery life 6 hours+.
    between £250-£350.
    possible 2 gig ram.


    Most netbooks will last about 5-6 hours on light to medium use and all can be upgraded to 2GB (except the Acer ones which can only go to 1.5GB, due to 512MB being soldered onto the motherboard). Generally I think the Asus EEEPc range, particulaly the 1000 or 1000H, are the best value/features/battery life balance, but that's my personal view.

    Obviously battery life, depends on what you are using it for, running multimedia apps or graphical games (if you can get any running), or anything that hammers the disks, or using the wireless networking will all drain the batteries faster, but if you just want to work on a word proccessing document for a few hours, it will last a long time.

    You can buy replacement batteries with higher capacities than the originals (look for the ones with higher cell counts) for most Netbooks, but most of these are Chinese built and tend to exaggerate their specs or have high failure rates, so buy at your own risk, though prices are fairly cheap to make them worth a try, [url][/url] is a good source for these.

    go for the new samsungs. NC10 and next model up. You can upgrde ram easily.
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