Looking for a new camera

    I need a new camera for my holiday next month.
    I have a 5mp Samsung one atm, and i found this really good, but i want a new updated one, for around £100 mark.
    Must have Li-ion battery.


    What do you need on it?
    Is size important? Big or small optical zoom? Do you care about high megapixel count?
    What do you feel is missing from your Samsung?

    How about one of these:…1-2
    (Slightly more expensive at Amazon but not a bad price if you want a well known site:…8-3 )

    The Canon A470 is 7.1megapixels, 3.4x optical zoom, not too big but it does have a decent 2.5" LCD display and you will have money left over from your £100 to buy a decent SD card (don't buy from ukdigitalcameras - their SD cards are a bit pricey).

    It gets a great writeup on Steve's Digicams (conclusion page here:…tml )

    If that's not the sort of thing you are after let us know what more you want and I'll see if I can find what you are looking for.

    As Spod sed, can you tell us anything else about what your looking for?

    At £100 you could get one with a larger megapixel size..the cheaper the less pixels in theory. But this doesnt mean much as you can get decent shots will under 10.

    Here's a great iccle cam at your maximum... ]clicky which as also got alot of easy to use features...

    this might give u an idea..however there are many cheaper.. with different specs.

    This is a good site, with lots of reviews and information on the cameras..all listed in price so you can check them out ]clicky

    if you'd like anymore help post some more!

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    I'm just looking for a camera that takes good photos. I will mainly be using it on holiday and to take photos of my children, so i don't need anything fancy on it.
    Do correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm sure i read somewhere, that you can have a 10mp camera but if the optical zoom is no good, the photos would be less clear.

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    Oh and i forgot to say, many thanks for your help so far

    well yeh can be true..but sometimes simply messing with different settings can help. also it helps if you know alot about photography..which is why alot of these cameras are great as they have alot of easy functions to enchance images.

    sounds like you dont need anything too i shall read up some more for you and find you something cheaper..*saving monies*

    and no probs, its what im on here for

    how about one like ]the fuji finepix Z10fd

    rechargeable battery!, 7.2 megapixel with a 4.8x digital zoom!

    more info on ]fuji website

    ..been looking at the one Spod suggested too and its also a good deal.

    I forgot to say that the Canon A470 is available in a variety of colours. (Just search for A470 on those sites).

    Steve's Digicams website also has a list of what they consider to be "the best" cameras:…tml
    which may be helpful.

    There is also a review for the fuji z10fd which MissRoo recommends.
    Conclusion page here:…tml

    You will find that most popular cameras get reviewed on there:…tml
    (If you want a quick synopsis just skip to the last paragraph on the review conclusions page).

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    Thank you to you both, rep added!

    How about this one 7.2 megapixel. Was almost £200 now it's £109…01S

    Casio EX-Z series is great, £80 or so at Comet last I checked, go!


    Casio EX-Z series is great, £80 or so at Comet last I checked, go!

    I agree... I've got an older model Casio Exilim and it's the best camera i've owned. Simple to use, large screen and great quality photos.

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