Looking for a new game for 360, ideas please thanks ;)

Hi am looking for a new game have just finished playing metro 2033 which I really liked. Also have played
Bioshock 1 2
Gears of war 1 2
All fables
all GTAs
Fear 2
Red Dead + zombie pack
Hot pursuit
orange box
all COD/ battlefields
All assassins creeds
Oblivion / halo,
Alan wake

Any ideas would be great, something on the lines of Batman/metro/ bioshock etc.
Thanks guys


left 4 dead
dead rising 2



left 4 deaddead rising 2

L4D and DR 2

L4D is the best online multiplayer game ever, not fun single player, try to get the GOTY edition has all the DLC

DR 2 single player awesome zombie game but the online multiplayer might not be busy so it might be difficult to earn cash to buy weapon but you can always steal cash from the cash machines

No 1 has mentioned New Vegas but I'm finding it too long and boring.

Deadly Premonition is ok The story line is the best part of the game, the actual game play is boring. I think its £10 can be found in HDUK

Original Poster

Thanks guys

i got some if ya want to trade for ya psp go
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