Found 25th Dec 2010
I am hoping to find a good deal on a laptop,,
I am willing to spend 399 however will exceed that if the laptop is really worth it and it ain't however alot over budget.

The problem is i have no idea where to look,, and tbh i dont really know much about laptops..

so if anybody see one in this range,, please post it here

thankk you and merry christmass

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What do you want to do with it?

Is it for basic "office" type work (internet, email etc), or do you wish to do more with it.

If it is for basic "office" work then it can be a fairly basic spec and you can spend less than £400, if you want to do computer intensive work (video editing for example) you may need to pay more.

>The problem is i have no idea where to look,, and tbh i dont really know much about laptops..

The main places to look are Amazon, BestBuy, Comet, PC World, Currys, Argos, Tescos, Sainsburys etc, they all sell laptops nowadays.

However beware of any post Christmas bargains such as "Normal selling price £599, now £399" (a favorite of PC World / Currys).

It is highly unlikely the laptop ever sold at £599, or if it did it was that price in their store in Aberdeen for 2 weeks.

If you are not sure if a laptop is any good ask here (or check this site on a regular basis and see what comments people make when a laptop is posted). If the general comment is it is a good deal, then buy quickly before they sell out.

Look for a good "name"make as they have a reputation to keep up (Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Dell, Sony, Lenovo etc).

If you are going to carry it round a lot go for a light laptop with a good battery life, with a 15.6" screen or less.

If it is going to be desk bound most of the time then maybe go for a 17" screen.

Memory nowadays should be around 2Gb or 3Gb (2Gb it the absolute minimum), and a disk size of say 250Gb or greater.

With the CPU it is hard to give advice as the two main companies who make CPUs (Intel and AMD) have a bewildering selection of names and numbers for their CPUs and even experts find it hard to know what one is better than the other.

To be honest, at around the £300 to £400 mark their are dozens of laptops that would suit your needs if all you want to di is "office" work.
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Original Poster

yeah it is for basic use..
and to watch films really
i do like to play games now and then so if it suits that need even better

@ guilbert53 great advise.. Thanks i will take all that into account.. will hopefully see some great boxing day deals..
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