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    Hi Guys, my 3 mobile contract is about to expire and so I'm looking for something new. Currently using a Sony Ericcson K800i which I have had for 18 months and LOVE, sadly my experience of being with 3 has been pretty shoddy (they've been over-charging me for the past few months, claiming I signed up to a more expensive tariff), I have argued with India till I am blue in the face and eventually gave up.

    So I need a new phone and a new tariff, I would also love it if there were quidco and maybe a freebie thrown in (keep seeing PS3's, WII's etc being offered with phone, not sure if it's possible in my price band). Anyway, happy to pay £30-ish a month (£35 if there was a BIG freebie), I'm mainly a texter, but would like some minutes (just in case).

    Anyone have any recommendation's?

    Cheers Guys,




    Have a look at this oneSony Ericsson K850i … Have a look at this oneSony Ericsson K850i

    Yer the K850i is the most recent version of the K800i. But there is better deals available else where than just getting a free memory card. I have been looking round for a sony ericsson myself with a good free gift. On they are offering the W610i which seems to be a pretty good handset with 600 minutes and unlimited texts on Orange for 35 quid a month with loads of free gifts to choose from like Wii, Xbox, ps3 and Laptops. They have the K850i too with free gifts but no Wii or ps3, but they have got a TomTom. Check out the links:…tml…tml

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    Yeah, saw that one and then read on here that the button are a punishment from Apparently it's fingernails or nothing to push the buttons down.

    instead of getting contract you go pay as you go with orange which do something like 300 free texts with a £10 top up each month, 500 with £15, or unlimited with £30. and you can use the credit for making calls. (i'm not exactly sure on the free texts, you'll have to double check on the orange website)


    I would go for pay as you go aswell


    If you really want it and dont mind paying the extra, get the one with the cosole as you said that at the start. Hope you get the best deal and what you want.

    dude i think i know wot might of happnd 3 are notorious givin other companies ya details n stuff so u probli were rang up by another company sayin to extend the contract or get into another tariff coz they tried to screw me ova by given me another tariff aswell with a reali shiti phone but ya best bet is it 2 screw them ova by saying i gona leave unless u give me (insert ya own deal like 500 mins n unlimited txts for 20 quid with the nokia 6500) currently that deal is it 25 quid but sayin your a existing customer shud give them insentive to offer it if not say ok disconnect me from ya network haggle the **** out of them
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