Looking for a new monitor for graphics & web work


    I am looking for a new monitor for graphics, web and photo editing. There are so many choices but am after a 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 panel for under £250.

    I want it to produce good colours and be sharp. 100% sRGB? Not interested in gaming.

    I am tempted by a 27" 1440p but my current machine might not have the horsepower to even power it? Intel HD4000 laptop?

    Any one have any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.


    Need to know a bit more about your laptop to determine 1440p.
    Look at the Dell UltraSharp range, top dog for media work.

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    I have this laptop…tml with Intel HD4000, HDMI or via a dock Display Port. The laptop has a 81 percent of the sRGB standard which isn't that good compared to a dedicated monitor.

    As you've stated you are not interested in gaming, the opportunity to purchase a true 8 bit colour panel for you requirements are within your budget. As such a monitor using VA (Vertical Alignment) panel technology could be the answer, as it reproduces excellent black levels and doesn't require dithering to create the 16.7m colour depth. The problem is that Benq monitors such as the 24 Inch GW2450 and BenQ VW2430H only replicates about 72 percent of the RGB gamut.

    Instead another option is the Eizo 23 Inch FS2333 Gaming monitor which uses the Samsung's PLS technology, not IPS as stated. This monitor is an 8 bit panel which hits about 95 percent of the RGB gamut but costs £282 but comes with a five year guarantee. I've discussed the various merits of this monitor in the past, but and other websites have a comprehensive review of this panel. The only problem is the Aspect Ratio is 16:9.

    The other option is finding a first generation H-IPS, P-IPS or S-IPS panels (Do not confuse it with the E-IPS or AH-IPS panels which is an 6bit +2 frc panel that uses dithering and other techniques). The problem is that these monitors have been replaced by inferior models, or too expensive such as the Dell U2410M. Companies such as NEC, HP, LG, Eizo, Apple, and Asus uses LG, or NEC panels H-IPS or P-IPS (Professional In Plane Switching) but quite difficult to identify the panel type used in manufacture. Asus have the PA246Q (1st gen brilliant, 2nd revision has manufacturing faults) monitor but it was replaced by the inferior E-IPS (AH-IPS) PA248Q monitor. Another possibility is the Dell U2413 which is unusual for an AH-IPS (1st Generation) panel that is a true 8 bit panel that covers 96 of the sRGB spectrum and is available at Amazon for £337.

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    The only 16:10 i have found that is well reviewed is the 24 inch dell on amazon…+24

    dell u2412m
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