Posted 15th Dec 2022 (Posted 17 h, 13 m ago)
4050966-KdxWL.jpgLooking for a new office chair. I use my desktop approx 8-12 hours a day so need something capable of sustaining long periods of sitting.
Ideal must haves:
- Adjustable lumbar support (not cushion based) - I've never had this before not even in my cars but I find after many hours my back can be a little painful so I want to try it
- Seat tilt & lock at several angles (for when I want to put my feet up)
- Height adjustment (obvious but you know)
- Must have arms
- Ideally leather / high quality faux
- Decent castors
- I prefer the look of heavy duty leather chairs as opposed to mesh based office chairs so probably more "gaming"/office chairs despite me hating the gaming term nor being an avid gamer (championship manager and ICC aside)
Aware of the following brands
Any others I should be looking for?
Currently I have an IKEA Malkolm that's served me well for over 7/8/9 years (pictured) it's just not as comfortable as when new anymore..
My parents have the IKEA Markus and I'm not a big fan although it's not uncomfortable..
Obviously don't want to spend hundreds/thousands on the likes of a steelcase or Herman Miller but appreciate it's a long term investment and should last a minimum of 4/5 years so say £400 max?
What have you got? / Do you recommend?
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    I’d recommend for refurbs. I recently bought from them and was impressed. You could pick up a Steelcase Leap v2 or Herman Miller Aeron for your money which are the best two reviewed chairs pretty much everywhere 
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    RH Logic 400.
    Buy a 2nd hand or refurb off ebay for £150-200. Or can be had new for £850 if you shop around.

    You won't find a better supporting and adjustable chair than this. I find them more comfortable than the Herman Miller chairs.

    Had one for 10yrs now and it's still as good as new. Other half has one now she works from home and everyone that's sat in mine also has one.
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    I've used two "professional" chairs in my main working life, the Herman Miller Aeron which obviously everyone's heard of, but the most comfortable was the Nightingale CXO which I think might be an American brand. Could sit in that for a year straight and not get uncomfortable I think. Quite hard to find in the UK (a quick eBay doesn't yield much) but worth looking out for if one ever does pop up (I guess the issue is that there'll be a lot of people in the same boat so they'll go quickly!).
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    I know you said you prefer solid to mesh but have you ever tried a Herman Miller Mirra (or Mirra 1 to be precise) for comfort. They are lot cheaper than Aeron's and Mirra 2's a lot of people actually prefer them.

    My other half uses one for 8-10 hours most days

    The seat is mesh but the back is hard plastic on most. Something like this…728

    Depending on where you live price would be £150 - 250 on ebay.....especially if your remote and it needs collecting

    Herman Miller Buying guide here 20.37 mins into the video…=0s
    I have tried them in an office somewhere although that was some time ago.. I'll have to try them again tbh
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