Posted 2nd Dec 2022 (Posted 3 h, 30 m ago)
Found this on Amazon, it priced dropped and it’s only £199 not sure on the processor but the laptop looks good

amazon Laptop
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    OPs busted link is otherwise intended to terminate at the "Used: Like New" Samdung Galaxy Book Go at:…ZS/
    Samdung? Is that a freudian slip for this poor laptop?
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    Page not found
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    The link is dead. But looking at the link itself it looks like it's a Samsung Galaxy Book Go... What do you plan on using the laptop for? It's got an ARM Chip. I Actually own one of these and they are fine for native apps but any X86 Applications you want to emulate run pretty slowly in comparison.

    If it's just for web browsing in Edge you're all good. But beyond that you'll need to proceed with caution depending upon what you intend to do.
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    Specs are good but I would encourage people to do research before buying. I don't know about this model specifically, but there's been a number of Geo laptop models in the past, especially convertibles that have had terrible reviews for bits of hardware dying after a few weeks/months followed by a rather poor warranty experience. I seem to remember reading numerous reviews of one such Geo model that had a bad keyboard that would just stop working after a while.
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