Looking for a new phone - payg or contract?...Not sure what to do..

    My o2 contract is up for renewal next month. I'm not sure whether to carry on a further contract, as most of them seem to be 18 months or longer now.
    I have seen a pay and go phone (Sony Ericsson C702) for £119 which i was thinking about buying, has a lot of great features however it only has a camera LED flash, which i suppose it better than nohting. And then possibly putting a sim only in there (as its locked to o2). Or do i get a contract phone for 18 months?
    What are the best phones out at the moment, i currently have a LG Cookie (which i bough pay as you go, and stopped using my samsung G600). And i am not really too keen on touch screens as this one annoys me when writing a text...
    Anyone got any suggestions?


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    do u call international cus i just got a grate deal on international calls on a orange contract. u might as well go for the c905 good camera and a slide phones like the g600. its a bit big but nice. it all depends on how much u top up a month?
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