Looking for a new printer and considering CISS

    My Mum has an aging HP Deskjet 840c which has worked well over the years but ink has always been expensive and generics don't work very well. I'm looking to get her a new printer and like most people, wanting it to be cheap to run. CISS seems to be the cheapest way to run a printer although after refilling cartridges being a bit messy my Mum isn't keen on the idea - looking at capacities though, the continuous system would only need refilled very rarely. Epson seem to have good CISS kit availability and I've been looking at the Fotorite kits which are slightly pricier but are complete (no drilling holes in cartridges) and seem to get favourable user reviews - looking for the most hassle free option.

    Printerwise nothing fancy is required, just a solid printer that's going to work reliably although either wired/wireless LAN would be good. Any recommendations welcome.



    I have had a HP C5180 with a CISS and it has been fantastic, never had a problem and we print loads out on it. Photos look very good too. It is networked through our belkin router and is printed to from all of our laptops around the house.

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    Thanks for the reply, which CISS package are you using?


    I've no idea - i'll post an image.
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