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Found 29th Dec 2009
Hi my old PS2 has died on me and I looking for a replacement. I have a PS3, it doesnt play the old games and I cant go without my old PS2 games.

I have looked around extensively, and its out of stock everywhere. I have seen deals at Tesco and Sainsburys but this was months ago. Event shops that SPECIALISE in video games like Game and Gamestation dont have any!

Id like the new slim PS2, I just was wondering does anyone know anyone/anywhere in stock, and why has all the stock gone....with the new PS3s being incomptible with PS2 and PS1 games I would have thought they'd still be a fair demand out there.

Thanks for any help!


I would try HMV instore, most people arn't aware that they stock second hand consoles, they are reasonably priced, and usually stocked in most larger stores ( trade dependant) just ring round a few and you should find one!

I am lucky i have a 60gb PS3!

Arrrghhh, shame you didn't purchase a ps3 with backwards compatability, ah well

westfield london game had preowned slimlines for £39.99 on saturday

its also in their 2009 christmas gift guide

Original Poster

I did have a 60gb but it died!

ANyone bought pre-owneds before? Are they any good?


I did have a 60gb but it died!ANyone bought pre-owneds before? Are they … I did have a 60gb but it died!ANyone bought pre-owneds before? Are they any good?

if it is well looked after, I can't see why not..

Ask in the FS forum here.


If it is any use I have an old PS2 which works.

If you want I can sell it to you for £20 with a couple of controlers + postage.
It isn't boxed but will be well packed. Paypal accepted.


try your local freecycle group, [url]www.freecycle.org[/url]
You may find one that someone else is getting rid, saves it going off to landfill.

Blockbusters normally have ps2s under £30 normally.
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