Looking for a new Sony Erricson Mobile

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Found 6th Jun 2007
Well after the disaster of the Pink/Red e900 that went back im after a new mobile AGAIN LOL!

Now, ive already got a k750i so i know where i stand with SE's and i definatly want another

Id love a slide but dont know if they do them?

Budget £100 max again please guys


]Sony Ericsson Mobiles & Specs

Theres every phone SE have made, pick a model and then we'll see what we can get ya

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Whoa! Hang on a minute, all looks a bit confusing, i like my fellas phone, (think its a k800i or summat, havent asked) but i think its out of my price range :-D

Just would like something a bit newer than what i have - and i dont like orange (the colour) so no orange phones please!

Also, would like it to be on 02 or unlocked :thumbsup:

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Just looked, my fellas phone is a k800, as it has a 3.2 mega pixel camera :-D

yeah have that, but the little joystick in the middle has got a bit tempremental when scrolling down, camera's really good especially when you transfer images to your pc and view them at full size. only known of the N95 to better it (5MP)

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My digital camera is a 3.2 - we both took pictures of us together (ha, ghey i know :-D ) and his came out better than mine :shock:

Seems quite a neat phone

But, dunno would just like a new phone, and i dont wanna look like im copying AGAIN as his sister has the pink/red e900 :giggle: i wasnt aware though, i thought she had the LG chocolate in pink :giggle:

what features are you after in a phone?

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Well, i really like my k750i - just want to upgrade it cos its getting on a bit now!

Would just like a better camera as mines a bit naff now - supposed to be 2mp - but when i got the e900 yesterday also 2mp that seemed alot better quality.

And summat with better memory i think, as i reckon this phone will store 100 texts tops, im a popular girl so need it to hold more than that LOL!

get real, you mean saving all text from lover boy with all the x's at the end :lol:

get a good deal on contract, it'll work out cheaper only way you'll get a decent upgrade on an SE phone for less than 100 notes

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Haha cheeky swine!

Cummon, who doesnt save cute texts?

Might just hang on a bit, and copy him anyway, think ive seen his phone for £130, might just save for a couple more weeks and get that :-D its only £50 more than the e900 (since they took £82.50 from me!) but probably worth it :thumbsup:
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