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Found 21st Mar 2011
I'm looking to buy a new tv, but am going a bit cross eyed with the multitude of choices out there.

I know I want 1080P and 100Hz, and either 37" or 40", but I'm largely ambivalent about other features. I think Ive narrowed it down to Panasonic 37" S20, 37" G20 (both LCD) or the Samsung 40" C650....

Any advice or recommendations would be gratefully received!!

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Samsung TV's are ok but their customer service department is terrible one of the worst i've ever come across, the staff lie to you,hang up on you, leave you on hold till you have to hang up. I've spent weeks trying to register my extended warranty on my tv and have had to go back to the shop where i bought it to get them to do it. I would google some reviews on their after service, it's appalling.

I have a panasonic 37" LCD Freeview HD 100Hz 1080p and its the best money I ever spent at £700 very close model was on here a few weeks back for £450.

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Thanks audirob, which model is it?

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Thanks randa, that's really helpful! Things like that definitely influence decisions!

Depends if you're are planning on using the tvs audio if so I'd have panasonic/Sony everytime. Samsungs are a very good cheaper display and great with a surround sound setup. (The leds are pretty cheap also)

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Probably will use the tv audio for a while, surround sound will have to wait for a bit, certainly til next payday at least!!

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