Looking for a new Washing Machine Cheap as pos plz.

    Moving to our first house and we need a washing machine, have next to no money but would like at least a years warranty. Id say budget would be 200-300 but as little as pos plz.

    Any good bargains about?


    From £160 at Argos, they all have 1 year, to extend it wouldn't be cost effective imo


    why dont you try freecycle ?

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    argos sounds alright im gonna head up to the best buy thing see what they have, Idealy im gonna buy the cheapest zanussi i can find that fits in the 595mm slot, at least with a reasonable brand like zanussi i got a chance it might last a little longer than a year.

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    eye and its 183 quid in the best buy sale!


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    went b+q and they had a good looking indesit for £180 pretty cheap, doesn't seem to be on their website though

    posted ths one from b & q the other day…326

    yep thats the one i saw . damn good deal. only for the bank holiday though.
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    cooprative electricals, its an online store and there fab, we have got all our electricals from there. great prises and possable next day delivery!
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