Looking for a nice 2 seater sofa under £150

    Well i'm looking for a NEW sofa which is a 2 seater and is under £150 i'd like it to be a black fake leather of just a black material, if anyone knows a shop were i can buy one for around that price could you please reply.


    actually not worth me posting just realised you are asking for one for under £150. i would say that is near impossible but goodluck in finding one anyway.

    There won't be much out there for that price but saw this at John Lewis. Looks quite good for price with removable washable cover.…153

    Klippan sofa from Ikea £139 in black fabric…284


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    Thanks, i'm very interested in that Ikea one, i saw the covers a while back for £40 and thought that was a sofa not the covers an i nearly bought it, but i'll probably get this.

    Thanks again. :thumbsup:
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