Looking for a Nintendo DS lite

    Any one got a good deal on a white or black DS Lite

    I do not want a PINK unit thanks



    Ummm well ebuyer for £85 --- or at with super monkey ball for £99.99

    If you want the original you can get it for £69.99 at choices

    You can get it from Toys R US with a new game (tmnt, meet the robinsons or Spectrobes ) for £99.99


    Yer but for £15 extra those games are kinda crap and not worth £10

    Those games are the new ones so I personally think they are worth more than £10 basically because they're new releases, anyway whats 'crap' to you might not be 'crap' to someone else ! Plus you put Super Monkey Ball which I got off Tescos for £4.97!

    Same here
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