Looking for a non-apple mp3 player


I'm looking for MP3 players that have the usability of the ipod nano.

Around 4gb should be enough - capacity wise

These players will be left playing music on a hotel terrace all day, so my main concern is security. If i buy ipods - not only are they more expensive - but they are also very attractive to the casual thief.

So.... any ipod-like devices out there? any one have any experience of the cheaper end of the market?

many thanks in advance for any help


If it is playing all day long then battery life is going to be a concern... I would look into the Sansa range, very easy to use and the battery is very good. Think you can get an 8 GB for about £40ish

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they look good, do you have one? if so which one?

the screen of the clip looks quite small, maybe the fuze will be better?

how does the battery charge? usb?

thanks, it seems to be what i'm looking for

hi i have a mp4 does what you need put a sd card think upto 16gb and thats it

I've just got the sansa clip+ 8GB and am very happy with it. Available from Amazon, but the price has gone up a little since I recently bought mine (it's just over £40). Deals get posted on HUKD from time to time.

It's very small, but the screen is very clear and functional. It runs for up to 15 hours after a three hour charge (can't confirm this yet). It charges via USB. The charge socket is pretty standard though (used by some mobile phones, digital dictaphones, GPS watches and the like) so you may find that you have a suitable plug adapter already. Failing that an adapter plug to charge from a wall socket is only £3 from Amazon.


they look good, do you have one? if so which one?the screen of the clip … they look good, do you have one? if so which one?the screen of the clip looks quite small, maybe the fuze will be better?how does the battery charge? usb?thanks, it seems to be what i'm looking for

Hello wobinb, I used to work in the mobile media market and have worked with Sony, apple, sansa, Philips and few others. The clip is a great product, it has fm radio and also plays mp3, it is a little fiddly due to it's size but fantastic if you want to keep it out of sight

The fuze is a great product too as it is very similar to a nano (4G) but also has a few handy features that the nano doesn’t have.

In terms of reliability and build quality, they are very good indeed. Really would recommend

i would highly reccomend the sony range. I've had it for 2 years now and im very happy with it. I have dropped it, dented it, put water on it loads of times and it still works. this nwz a818 is crazy good. Not sure on the later models put im sure thy are very good. you can get it very cheap now sometimes in play.com or amazon they sell it for £50 ish

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Thanks for all the advice, i will look at the sansa range.
Now i must persuade the powers-that-be to spend some money.....


i would get a cowon d2....i love mine! it has a 52 hour battery....and you can play FLAC files (same quality as cd)..and has much better sound quality to any apple product....also one of the best features is you can put in a SD card...and upgrade the space any time u want....i bought a 4gb cowon d2 for about 30-40 pounds (dont remember) and put in a 16gb SD card...and have 20gb....it also has video and other great features...and looks nice
or the sansa clip....also a very good player
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