looking for a number of [5/32" deep sockets] does anyone know of an online supplier?

Posted 15th Jan
I only want super cheap 5/32"deep series sockets please...
I'm making some bespoke 'keys' and the blanks I have are a nice fit in 5/32", alternatively if anyone knows of deep series sockets of any similar(smaller sized sockets) I can manipulate the blanks I have ,
Generally I'm only comming accross complete sets or better quality more expensive single Sockets. I dont need super quality

Thanks for reading....
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ebay. some probably not well made but they are there
£1.20 each inc VAT UK-registered supplier, but may need to order chunky quantity. Maybe contact to see how much discount for multiple qty and one delivery?
or Amazon itself will shift you 1+ of (overly?) high quality under £2.50 each Prime amazon.co.uk/dp/…AW/
or £2.26 each if comfortable with ordering minimum 14+ axminster.co.uk/pro…823
or get lucky at the pound shops...
Thanks for the responses...the suggestion of 4mm threw me as thought what use is that it's way too small?? Checked the size in mm to realise it was my 5/³² OP that was wrong lol... it's 7/³²" I actually needed and was struggling for sorry..

However I checked out 5.5mm instead as I only had one cheapo standard socket of that and it seems viable so I'll pick up some of those ,thanks anyway guys
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