Looking for a pair of Red trousers

    Bit of a random one this. A friend of mine cringes every time he sees a pair of red trousers and believes them to be the worst fashion offense out there.

    I was looking to buy him a pair for christmas for giggles. I need a male size 32" pair.

    As its a joke I'm not really wanting to spend that much.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a retailer that stocks them, or a website maybe?

    Thank you.



    theres some mens red trousers on ebay


    ha ha love it!

    Had a bit of a mouch around but its quite a hard one this as with it being a joke I am sure you wont them as cheap as possible - I have managed to find these, they are available in red lol

    Hope this helps x…Red

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    Stacey, that was a pretty good find. After vat and postage though they come to nearly £20. A bit much considering he'll most likely dance about the house in them for an hour then they will resigned to the back of the wardrobe forever or a charity bag.

    Rep added to all above. Thank you for your assistance.

    thanks hun, I will keep my eyes open and if anything comes up I will let you know lol x

    poundland do adult santa trousers in various sizes (they sell the santa tops in one pack & the trousers in another)- depends on how much you need a 'proper' pair! They are sort of red felt and with a drawstring waist/ Alternatively, check you local charity shops / ebay ...

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    I took both Missp27 and StaceyAKelly's advice, and picked up a pair of Dickies from ebay. £7 inc shipping which is reasonable enough really. They are a good make so will be wasted on a cheap laugh but hey-ho.

    Laffy42, not a bad idea at all. At least this way though i can pass them off as a genuine present. Lead him to the conclusion that because he goes on about them all the time he's really a fan.

    Thank you again all.

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