Looking for a particular case of wine...

    The exact one is ]http//ww…htm Castel Firmian Pinot Grigio from Italy.

    Cheapest place I can see online is £6.50 ex delivery per bottle.

    Anybody know any other places to look for it or know anyone with a shop?

    Interested in a couple of cases for Christmas!



    Now there's a challenge!

    Is the Pinot particularly nice? My wife likes a drop or two of that particular grape.


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    Its soooo yummy! We have ordered it twice from our local restaurant.

    Very impressed with it!

    never heard of this one and my better half is a Pinot fan..I prefer how much do they charge in the restaurant? an arm and a leg I expect!!!!

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    not too bad actually - £9 for a bottle and its yummy stuff!

    That's an excellent price for a restaurant..I cannot even get the house wine below £11 or £12 in the places I the last restaurant I ate the Pinot was £16..and probably knowhere near the quality of your £9 bottle.
    Happy hunting for a the way the Taste The Difference Pinot Grigio delle Venezie on offer at Sainsbury's for £5.61 had an excellent recommendation in The Times last Saturday...maybe worth trying a bottle.

    This is quite random... but I just read the other day that the best non-vintage champagne available is Tesco's own brand for around a tenner. Interesting eh?
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