Looking For A Performance Laptop, Help ?

Hello all.

I'm looking to buy my first laptop. I want a performance laptop as i will be using it for running serato scratch live & for HD movie content (won't be playing games on it). I want to spend between £800 & £1,200.
This is my first laptop so i'm having trouble deciding which laptop to buy & would appreciate any laptop suggestions.

The only laptop i've come across so far that i really like the look of is this one


Unfortunately it's doesn't seem to have a back lit keyboard (unless i missed it in the product info) as back lit keys will be quite an essential really when dj'ing in dark pubs & clubs.

any suggestions would be welcome



your really overdoing it for the job in hand, can buy a laptop for what you need for under 500 pounds
not sure what models have backlit keys though

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Well i liked the idea of spending say £1000 instead of £500 as it would future proof me for quite a while plus i haven't seen a massive amount of laptops for £500 with a blu ray player.

Just had to put this on, specification wise awesome.... got to get me one

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