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Found 20th Aug 2017
So I'm looking for a phone for my grandfather on Vodafone. He currently has a Windows phone (Lumia 650 I think) but he's wanting a new one as his contract ended a few months back.

It needs to be £20 or under per month and ideally no upfront cost. He's not very tech savvy but he likes to be able to download apps on it, so it would have probably have to be a smartphone. He's just learned how to use Facebook and emojis and he likes to use those too now.

Also needs a biggish screen (no less than 5" I think) as he has bad vision (can't see very well without his glasses and has to use them to read anything).

I've tried navigating the Vodafone website but struggling with it on my phone, and it only seems to show the latest smartphones such as the S8 and iPhone 7, which is obviously not very helpful.

Anyone able to help? I know I could chat with a Vodafone person but they would be bound to recommend their own brand smartphones.
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Try carphone warehouse. Does it have to be vodaphone?
He is not likely to use much data or calls etc, why not get him a cheapish phone. I'm using a wileyfox's swift which would be great for him at c.£100 or less and then get a cheap £5-7 monthly rolling aim?
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