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Found 1st Aug 2006
Can anyone recommend a printer circa £50 or less that can use cheapo £5ish cartridges?

Have been using HP but they are v.dear to refill.

Are there any printer/fax/copier/scanner or 'all-in-one' printers that can use cheapo cartridges.

I am not interested in refills, but cheapo cartridges only (due to accidents in the past)!

Thanks in advance!

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Epson usually have the cheapest cartridges to replace if you buy thrid party replacement cartridges.

I often buy my ink from UKDVDr (Link below) depend on which of my printers I use (Epson 440,480,C42+ and CX3650) it costs between £1.50 and £4 to replace all the cartridges for each printer, granted the ink isn't as good as the orginal Epson stuff but it is ideal for my requirements.


If you looking to buy a Epson Printer I recommend the R220 or one of it's newer versions. It uses 5 cartridges 4 colour and 1 black. The idea being if you use up one colour you only need to replace that colour and not the whole colour cartridge. It is also a photo quailtity printer and is able to print onto printable cds and dvds. It costs about £5 to replace all the cartridges as well.

I'll add another vote for Epson, i have an R200 and you can get a full set of 6 cartridges (Not 5) for £5.

in fact i'm off to a computer fair tonight to stock up.

you can get the R220 or whatever is the latest version for £50 ish.

And the quality of prints are fantastic.

Got the epson r300 here with no problems and carts are really cheap.


Got the epson r300 here with no problems and carts are really cheap.

no link, fizzlewizzle, please help

Apparently the epson r200 and r300 are now discontinued with the r220 and r320 taking their place. Not sure what the differences are but after doing a price search on kelkoo it seems PC world have the r220 the cheapest for £54.89 delivered. For this money I think its a bargain as the print quality is very high and you can even print out your own CD's or DVDs directly!
Epson r220 @ PC World

(remember to buy through your quidco and it will knock an extra 5% off)

As for carts you can find full sets of them for £4.69 (just 78p each!)
Ink @ UKDVDR.co.uk

Hope this helps
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