Looking for a reasonably priced pre-made gaming pc

Found 3rd Mar
I've been waiting around for a half decent gaming pc to show up on here and missed the last one which was a Lenovo for under £800, I found what appears might be an ok pc however I'm not an expert on pc rigs and unsure whether its a good deal or not.


its only got a gtx 1060 as apposed to the 1070 which came with the last deal i mentioned however would you say the 6 cores and the 240gb ssd make it at all worth the price off 799.99?
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Keep watch on reddit, there's a few people offloading decent gaming rigs on there:

Google 'reddit r/hardwareswapuk'
Try FreshTech as they're UK based and been around for many, many years.
I've used them several times in the past.
Thanks, for the replies guys.
Not sure if you are still looking as it has been a few weeks since you posted this. But I found this deal a few days ago that might interest you.

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