Looking for a rechargable Digi Camera

    Well my Fiancee is cos shes getting fed up spending loads on Duracell batteries that run out at inappropraite times!

    Not even sure how much they cost so any help is much appreciated everyone.


    Any specific brand ?

    Fuji F series are very good, F40, F47fd, F50 etc.

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    Maybe a Samsung, thats what weve got now and its a good camera, but any decent model would do.

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    I know, but she wants one that she can grab from being on charge that she can just pick up. Unquote:x

    I know you said you don't really want rechargeable batteries but we use them and I always keep a charged up pair in the camera bag so if I'm out and they run out then I put the spare ones in and recharge the others when I get home and then put them back in the bag as the spares and so on and so on. Cheaper than buying a rechargeable camera and loads of normal batteries that I have to say don't seem to last very long at all in cameras.

    I've had a Casio Exilim camera for 2 years now and it is great! There are lots of models but I think they all come with an inbuilt rechargable lithiumion-ion battery and a charging cradle. Even after having it this long the battery easily lasts as long as a to week holiday and I take a lot of pictures! lol
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