Looking for a red staff puppy female

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Found 25th Feb 2007
im looking for a red staff,has to be female. Does anyone know any good sites that list them like epupz,cant seem to find any on that site in my area. Im trying to find a puppy from a champion family,how would i achieve this. Does anyone have any info at all.



You have pm.

good post m8 i my self want to breed my staff soon (sadly she is only black and white) so not the colour you are after

get in touch with the kennel club, they will send you a list of breeders in your area.

You want mine Got to say though, shes my best mate and i wuvv her lots! ..and her eggy farts!!

I also have been looking for a staffy pup, I have found one for sale locally. its £300 but has no paperwork is this too much (its a red bitch 9wks old)???


Do you need papers?

My boy was that without his papers, my girl was less with her papers.

I don't need papers as would be pet only.
* I have a red stafford dog (3) with no papers also, just feel he would benefit from another companion

If you want a dog from a champion family check out dog shows, chat to some of the people showing as a lot of the people will be able to point you in the right direction. Remember however that a championship pedigree won't necessarily mean a champion puppy especially from some breeders as they will keep the best of the litter for theirselves. If you are looking to start showing you don't need to start high it would be cheaper to get a dog with a good pedigree then an excellent one, as a price for a top dog can be thousands. Also its all down to your ability in presenting the dog.

If however your just looking for a pet then still look for a good breeder who is breeding to better the breed, but be warned most good breeders have waiting lists so you still won't be able to get a pup straight away. It took me years to get my Eurasier after I'd decided I wanted one.

If however you would like any advice on what to look for in a potential breeder feel free to hit me up as when I'm not wasting time on here or at work I give advice on buying, training and keeping dogs.
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