Looking for a reliable and fast UK Based VPS

    Hi there, looking for some recommendations for a fast UK based VPS
    have been looking at what offer but havent really heard much about them - have used webfusion before but they couldnt do reverse dns on their ip's at the time so left.
    ideally looking for a low end spec as only used for testing etc and looking for no more than £20 a month
    if you have any recommendations then that would be great


    This site will help you, there are often special deals or even free accounts posted there.

    I used to use a company called bigvps, but I don't think they have UK based servers any more.

    i have a cheap uk vps £2.50 a month 128 / 512 swap 1 ip4 64block ipv6
    but only had this one since last friday but so far so good
    quick response times to tickets so far

    Example Packages:

    Evorack VPS128
    20GB Disk Space
    128MB RAM (512MB Swap configured by default)
    250GB transfer per month
    1 IPv4 Address
    /64 IPv6 Subnet
    Cost: £2.49 per month

    Evorack VPS350
    35GB Disk Space
    350MB RAM (512MB Swap configured by default)
    350GB transfer per month
    1 IPv4 Address
    /64 IPv6 Subnet
    Cost: £4.49 per month

    Just use the coupon code WHTDC2 at check when you place an order at

    Original Poster

    thanks for the recommendations guys
    in the end i went with
    based in manchester and i got the following for £4 a month!!

    40GB Disk Space
    600MB Ram + 600MB Burst
    Fully Managed
    15GB Free FTP Backup

    if your interested then the link is…=31
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