Looking for a rice cooker / steamer

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Found 2nd Jan 2008
I'm looking for a rice cooker that would meet the quality of those sold in japan or china, essentially to make sticky or sweet rice!

The opinion of someone who really knows their stuff on this subject would be excellent, as I can use google product search myself already :P It's for rice, I don't care about normal steamers or anything.

Rep will be provided to anyone who lends advice



Hmm what do you wanna know?


You want a micom rice cooker for what you want

hmm - been wondering where to get those - besides the most obvious place being chinatown, but those are really tourist prices unless you know the bloke who sells it. we had a kenwood one - it was rubbish, rice kept burning at the bottom ... luckily my OH knows how to do the lovely fluffy rice on the gas cooker (having lived in japan) but i'd really like to surprise her with a good one. also for convenience ...


Micom-style rice cooker:
• Locking lid with a built-in seal and steam vent for steam to escape (otherwise, it emerges at the lid’s edges and is messier).
• Detachable inner lid for easy cleaning.
• Removable or retractable cord for easy storage.
• Nonstick cooking pan prevents rice from sticking for easier serving and cleaning.
• Measuring lines on the inside of the rice cooker pan that tell you to add water without having to utilize a measuring cup. You still have to use the cup to measure the rice.
• Convenient timer function allows you to add the ingredients in advance, enabling you to have rice prepared at the exact time you want it.
• Multiple menu settings for brown rice, white rice, sushi rice, mixed, sweet, porridge, etc.
• Spherical-shaped inner cooking pans to ensure more even heating for perfectly cooked rice every time.
• Automatic keep-warm function regulates the heating control unit to ensure rice remains fresh-tasting and at the perfect serving temperature until served.


Cuisinart CRC800U Steamer and Rice Cooker is similar

You need to look for a zojirushi cooker

that is authentic


Zojirushi Sales & Services

10 Aintree Road

Place pointer here to reveal number

Telephone Number Requested For
Zojirushi Sales & Services

020 8998 2100

020 8997 5596

Click here to email this supplier


A little more about Zojirushi Sales & Services
Elia int.Ltd, a leading importer & Distributor of High Quality products including Chainware, Cutlery, Barware and Beverage Serving items. Also exclusive distributor of Zojirushi products in the UK.


Amazon.com in the USA

hope all that helps.

Any more questions, don't hesitate to ask


If you are based in London, try this on ebay

190186083579 used once

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JennyHarrison, You sent like a bazillion helpful messages. I can only rep once as well


I mean... Arigatou Gosaimasou!

Zojirushi or Micom. The Zojirushi is identical to what I've seen in crayon shinchan when he makes onigiri. I know this is what I'm after. I just begged the seller on ebay to let me organise a courier to pick it up


Yep because Zojirushi don't come cheap....

Always glad to be of service.

Let me know if you need any more answers.


BTW Micom is a style of rice cooker, Zojirushi is an authentic make

rep to jenny, thanks.

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Why was Jenny banned?

I know she was mega double-posting but she was very helpful! Have we got a bad little egg of a mod in out midsts?
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