looking for a running machine..

    can you help? i'm looking for a running machine for the whole family (upto 13 stone for me) would like to have one reccomended before buying.
    rep & thanks for all


    Bought Reebok irun a few weeks ago and im impressed :thumbsup:

    It depends on what you are looking for in terms of the price/quality. If you are likely to keep up running for any length of time, it would be a waste of money to buy a treadmill that is incapable of allowing you to up the game along with your fitness improvements. If quality is what you want, then look for a treadmill capable of around 12mph and a decent incline. Don't under-estimate how quickly your fitness can improve if you use a treadmill regularly. A good powerful motor is a must for a smooth run .

    I have run the best part of 2000 miles on my Horizon Elite 507 Folding Treadmill, including runs of up to four hours at a time (marathon training). It has a max speed of 12mph, max incline of 12 percent, a good long running deck with a quality orthopaedic running belt. It was the best investment I could have made when my local gym went t*ts up. I was something like 15 stones in weight when I started using it, and I think it handles up to 17 or 18 stones.

    By shopping around on the internet I got one for under £1000 including three years on-site maintenance warranty (parts and labour!) and a rubberised mat to place the treadmill on (noise reduction and stabilization). I would suggest that right now is a bad time to buy - but do your research and the price is likely to fall after the New Years Resolution peak period. Frankly, I think it is worth more than I paid, but a £300 saving is not to be sneezed at. If I didn't like a bargain, I wouldn't be here ;-)

    If you don't see yourself improving over time on the treadmill, then by all means buy a cheap one. But perhaps then you should question whether you really want a running machine, or just a clothes horse - in which case there are far cheaper options

    I train on the treadmill and monitor my training with a heart monitor strap and watch. It's my favourite way to train.

    Hope this helps.

    true, horizon 507. I did alot of research before buying mine and thats the best on the market. Reasonable price too.
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