Looking for a Running Watch, help please!

    I'm just about to start running and I'm looking for a basic watch that'll help me, with a pedometer on it, and possibly with the ability to check your heart rate.

    Does anyone have one for sale or know of where I can get one for a good price? The best I have seen so far is…720

    Rep will be given for all help given!


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    ha ha!

    The Garmin Forerunner 50 is a good watch and this one has a heart monitor.…8-1

    I have the forerunner 50 with HRM and footpod. It does everything you're asking for.

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    cool, thanks guys. what is the training software for?

    You can track your progress in the software or online. Once you have done a workout it uploads wirelessly to your computer and you can viewe it in the software or online.

    Here's my run from last night for example:…250

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    wow, that looks really good! I'm only going to be running for recreation but I love stats! Looks like that watch could be the one.

    No probs, anything for rep :thumbsup:

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    thanks for your help guys, rep left.
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