looking for a Safe for house jewelry

    Am looking to spend around £50, but maybe double that if I can find something worth well worth the price or severely reduced / good quality.

    Never bought anything like this before, and have no experience, so can anyone who has some experience point me in the right direction?

    Any help is much appreciated.


    If you know someone with a Makro card they have awesome fireproof safes :thumbsup:

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    Many thanks for the suggestions.

    About the safes with electronic locks, they take batteries, what happens if the batteries die on you? Does the safe automatically open, or does it lock and then cannot be opened?

    Is it generally better to have a safe which is fully mechanical rather than part electronic (i.e. uses keys, and therefore all metal, rather than some plastic, and requiring batteries and taking a combination)?

    TBH the batteries are on the outside on the bigger safes and you just change them. On smaller cheaper safes you usually have a backup key but it is one of they types of lock (tubular style key locks)that is easy to bypass with a bic pen :thumbsup:…en/…ks/

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    What about this one?…htm

    Twice as expensive as the one linked before from argos, and im guessing identical, except I think this will be big enough to hold everything I wish to put inside it.

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    This one from amazon is £200, very expensive, but it seems just about the best you can buy.

    Some questions from those who may know what they are talking about, this has an external hinge, I have read that it is better if the hinge is concealed, but I doubt a safe as expensive as this would have an unconcealed hinge which would compromise the security of the safe?
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