looking for a scooter 125cc or under for about 1k

    passed my CBT and looking to get a scooter to get me around, preferably a piaggio ..

    how many miles can these scooters usually do before they are in the bin?

    no name brands are not need in this thread cheers

    dont mind second hand, whats the bets place to look?


    your local freeads, ]gumtree, motorbike shops :thumbsup: my lad got his as a 9 month old part ex, the last owner couldnt get on with it. Just taxed it £15 for the year !

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    part exhange is with a bike + cash?

    where did he get the bike ??


    part exhange is with a bike + cash?where did he get the bike ??

    similiar situation to you, he did his cbt & wanted a scooter asp, cash buyer no part ex. he or should i say we paid £750 for it which was a bargain. The bike was from a motorbike shop that takes bikes in as well as selling new ones. Most bike shops have www site.

    good luck on your search :thumbsup: & safe biking
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