Looking For A Shower!

    Hi I want to buy a reasonably priced shower (about £50 give or take a few quid) can anybody help, online or offline it doesn't matter can anybody help please and thank you :-D



    There are a few Electric Showers at Argos for around £60. Do you have a specific power requirement?

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    :confused: erm i don't really want a power shower as i heard they use more water than having a bath (my water bill just keeps going up &up so am trying to cut it back down!) . I have a combi boiler too you see so am unsure which type of shower i need. I don't want one of those ones that you stick over the tap though !! Thanks for your help edi

    Are you looking for something like this Malibu ?

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    ooo yeah thats lurvley !!!!

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    wheres that one from edi ?? and how much (more importantley !!)

    That's from Argos & costs £99.99

    Link >>here

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    :grin:Thanks edi your a star !

    he he, thanks malibu :wink:

    If you need cheaper ones, there are a few at Argos for £60

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    thanks i looked at that £60 at argos before i posted, Argos is the first place i think to look cos they sell everything! I was just wondering whether any1 could get a better deal, i kinda like that one for £100 though, might splash out ( haha get it splash out ....!! duh!!) . Thanks again
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