looking for a sim only deal

    I'm looking to get a sim only deal but some are showing up as a 1 month contract. I don't understand if you do it for a month what happens after that? I don't want to be having to ring up every month to carry it on to another month.
    Can anyone explain?
    Thanks xx


    u can get 12 month deals ... plenty posted on here in the past ... have a look at

    Lexi, one month contracts are the same as 12 month contracts without being tied in.
    You can end them with 30 days notice, or just keep it on a one month rolling basis.
    You dont need to contact each month, your allowance just renews as it would with a 12 month contract but without the tie in.

    Have a a look on the e2save website. Some cracking deals on it when i was looking few weeks back. I'm paying £8.50 (after cash back) for unlimited mins and text and 12gb data which I'm quite happy with.

    1 month contracts are 'rolling' contracts in that they continue each month until you, or your provider cancel.

    To cancel you need to give 1 months notice, keep this in mind if changing provider in say 6 months time.
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