Looking for a small car, possibly fiesta or corsa, looking to spend upto £1200 any tips please whats the best ?

    looking for anything around a p reg to 51 plate, seen a few but need more help please. must be a 5 door
    has anyone got a diesel what are they like?


    I am a car dealer, for around £1200 you would be better with a renault clio x, y ,reg etc or fiesta but make sure its the 1.25 zetec car not the 1300 theyre garbage also avoid ford ka ,saxo, 1.0 corsa, rover, .also you should consider 1.2 corsa theyre okay and you should get a newer model y or 51 reg decent we car ..hope this helps..

    VW Polo. German build and reliability.

    I had a Peugeot 106XND (diesel, N reg) a few years ago. It was an absolutely cracking car. Dead reliable and economical. You could do a lot worse.

    Just an example (not mine I promise!)…r=R

    I just bought 1999 fiesta 1.25 zetec for £1200 with very low mileage and full service history and it's a great car.I would certainly reccommend it over saxo or peugeot 206 which I had few years ago.Make sure car has good service history and low mileage before you buy it

    Anything Jap built - reliability in spades.
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