Looking for a small laptop <£300

    Hello, my friend is considering purchasing a new laptop, and due to my limited knowledge of computers and his complete lack of knowledge, I would appreciate some help.

    The size of the screen should be about 8.1"

    He says he wants it for internet, itunes and word processing mainly.

    Since he has a large music and video collection I'd say the HDD space should be at least 120GB.

    Finally he would like the operating system to be Windows XP or Vista.

    His budget goes up to £300. I'm sorry this is very vague, but it gives you some more freedom with suggestions. As long as it contains the above criteria, he's not fussed. I guess the cheaper the better, but as said as long as it's under £300 it's good.


    i would like a laptop too. however i would like mine a bit bigger at the same price around a 15.1" please

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    That might be a good choice for you mate. Maybe upgrade the RAM a bit and you're flying.

    Any takers on my original post?
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