Looking for a socket 939 athlon 64 x2

I don't fully understand what it is to be honest, but that's what my OH informs me I need but he can't find one any where, does any one happen to know some where that sells them?



Here for a start. Well everywhere.


Ps make sure you check what the maximum multiplier you motherboard supports.

Sorry didn't read you post properly. 939 is single core only 940 (aka AM2) is twin core.

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See, you lost me already lol

I was going to say I was sure my boyfriend had checked ebuyer and decided they didn't have what I am after, but I shall be directing him to this thread (because he understands it all) so all advice/suggestions appreciated, thanks

What you running at the moment?

I stand corrected you can get an X2 on a 939 socket.

Here is all the info you need.


It seems the X2 on socket 939 were only made in small numbers and are not available many places so are commanding silly prices (well over £100 for a X2 4800+).

So my advice is to buy a single core Athlon 4000+ at £32


Or if you need more power buy a new motherboard (AM2) from £30 and a (AM2) Athlon X2 from £40.

ie this and this.


Here is a 939 MoBo

This Mobo does what you want here is the link to the Mobo Maker asrock.com/mb/…s=n

but i would go with what the other bloke said (and did not quote so cant go and look at his name)

Get these instead due to cost


Hope that helps, if you let me know what you have already and what you are looking for I can help you more. If you dont get it get your bloke to tell me

She currently has a socket 939 motherboard with a 3200+ (I think) single core chip. Was looking for a cheap but effective upgrade as she does a bit of video editing stuff but the computer comes to a complete standstill while it's encoding. I thought about talking her into going the AM2 route but in addition to a new motherboard we would also need DDR2 memory which would push the bill up to more than she's willing to spend.

Up until a month or so ago Overclockers had 939 X2s for under £40 but they've now sold out. I have found a few second hand 939 X2s for a reasonable price (4200+ for £40ish) but was hoping to find a new one if possible.

£100 for Memory + CPU + Mobo is not bad and then sell hers on FleBay, you would get about £50 for it at least

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I have managed to get one now, ordered from someone on overclockers marketplace type thing. £32, woo.

Thanks for the help ya'll.
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