Looking for a solid laptop my hp elitebook 2570p has just died

Posted 7th Jan 2023 (Posted 2 h, 57 m ago)
anyone know of any decent laptops? i got this back in 2012 i think and it's just died tonight tested it and motherboard has failed, i am trying to see if i can find a replacement board

i'm looking for something similar, if possible with a dvd drive, and a fair amount of ports, so im looking for something thats preowned at least i5 maybe i7

if anyonw knows of any of these business style laptops i'd really appreciate the recommendation. i do like the thinkpad t series, i just hate the worn out look of the trackpads which most of them have
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    Probably worth keeping an eye on ITZOO, nothing in stock at the moment but it sounds like they'd have the type of laptop you're after. ebay also has a number of sellers doing ex-business laptops e.g. it-green-computers and asset-remarketing-shop.
    Any specific laptops