looking for a Sony FS215B laptop?

Hi. Im looking for a Sony FS215B laptop? Any ideas where the cheapest place would be? If not, the main specs id be looking for are:

1.73 Ghz
Minimum 512 Ram
Lcd screen
15" screen or more
Hard drive: 40 GB or more
Processor: Intel pentium M

Many thnx


Currys have this in stock for £999.00p but you may be able to use the discount code from the voucher section above for £100 off £1000 [need to add something for that other £1].

Take a look at the Dell inspirion 6000 range - 5% off in the hot deals forum.

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Take a look at the Dell inspirion 6000 range - 5% off in the hot deals … Take a look at the Dell inspirion 6000 range - 5% off in the hot deals forum.

Thanks. Is it possible to give me a link or something because i am not sure what it is that your suggesting

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hmmmm...thnx for the offers...still prefer a sony.

I'm not interested in one, but I like how you work andi Have some chicken karma :P

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Search for VGNFS315B.CEK … Search for VGNFS315B.CEK here:http://shop.sonystyle-europe.com/SonyStyle/catalog/URLMapper.do?url=www.sonystyle.co.uk/business&redirected=trueLooks like the model up, and only £775 after the discount in the forum.

This is what i was looking for and the price is good too at £799. Doesnt state if that is inc vat...... Thnx a million......btw, is this btr than the FS215B?

It's £799 including VAT. If you go through a link in the "hot deals" forum (search this forum for Sony) you'll find a £25 off voucher.

Oh, and by the way, a person's only got so much patience, before it SNAPS.

PS Where's my £50 finders fee? (seeing that I'll probably saved you £100+ and time and effort)


Doesnt state if that is inc vat......

Actually, it does.

Did I hear a


(p.s. have some more yummy karma, you deserve it!)


The moto of this site is "we spend our lives being screwed by companies … The moto of this site is "we spend our lives being screwed by companies for profit, this site is about 'legally' screwing them back)Consumer revenge pure and simple and I'm very happy and proud to be doing it. I suspect if you don't like that, then this site isn't the place for you

I think that's a bit much. Yeah we want to get good deals and such and if a company is crooked or scamming people then they should be shut down but to try and screw companies just because they are a "company" and you are a "consumer" is looking at it from the wrong way entirely (I think). The best deals come when a company needs customers and customers need companies, it's symbiotic... for example look at the amazing deals you can get at M&S when they have big clearance sales, no one is getting screwed, they are getting rid of inventory at tiny prices and consumers are thrilled to be buying them. We don't need to run around spreading bad karma to get good deals and live frugally. Of course there is a line there but I think it is a moral one of sorts that people have to come to terms with themselves. It's like the thread in the freebies about the free bags from that little company.

I like mse but I think it's starting to go a little off the deep end. There is this cult of Martin that isn't very balanced, so many members just do what he says and what he says is right yet I think he is starting to lose some perspective. Rabidly screwing companies isn't right in my books even if that is what "everybody" does or what "they do to you". Educating people on responsible money management and good deals is a fantastic thing to do but "screwing" people (like you said that's who is behind the company!) isn't.

Never mind the malarkey about 'ad-free, free to use, Consumer revenge site' , it's not ad-free! It's littered with affiliate links all over, which is fine I don't care but don't pretend like the site doesn't make a lot of money from advertising. There's a few more examples about the money making bend to the site...but I don't want to get into it publically. Annnnyyyyways
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