Looking for a Sony surround sound system without DVD for under £200, rep for anyone that can help.

    I've been looking but cant find any good deals, idealy like one with tall speakers at the back but those seam to be coming up quite expensive. I dont need a dvd as I've already got a sony bluray player. I've got quidco so that might help. Thanks.


    A better option is to buy an AV receiver and a separate speaker package, but your budget is really tight for this option.

    If you have Bluray, why not spend the extra on an AV receiver and speakers so you can have hi-def sound, not just a high def picture?

    i can vouch for the htsf1200. i have the cheaper version (cost £250 at the time though) that uses smaller satellite speakers with the same av unit. i really like it. not the best for playing cd music through as it lacks anything between the tinnys and the thumping bass, but films are great. a nice touch is that it comes with a little microphone that you can position where you sit and it automatically sets the volume and distance levels for each speaker. sweet. i did look at the other sony unit posted but i wanted asthetics too- i needed something with a similar height to my other stuft so went for the sony. it looks good too.

    PERFECT! just what I've been looking for!!
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