Looking for a suit any help?

    Looking for my first suit but i dont know where to look, M&S seems quite cheap but is there any better places to look?

    I have a module that's being video'd next week and as an employer I'm meant to dress smart... Also could come in handy when i go for job interviews


    Next - can pick up something okayish for £99 or next up possibly zara although that will be near £200.

    m and s is an old mans shop.

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    I dont know if its possible but im looking around £50

    go some where and get measured up proper 1st,slaters are decent can pick up a decent suit for most budgets and they do any alterations you need for a small cost and its worth it and M&S are good value

    M&S make really good suits, not old mannish imo

    Tesco, Asda.

    M&S is actually one of the better high street stores for suits. Definitely worth a visit. Get 100% wool.

    Nothing wrong with a cheap suit, but cut varies enormously, take someone with you who will be brutally honest and tell you if you look like a sodpot or not. If you have an outlet centre near you try there, the one near to me has a big next with plenty of cheap suits but no changing room??? so useless but I did pick up 4 suits at £60 each last month in Mexx.

    Another suggestion is TKMAXX.
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