Looking for a SuperPhone

    Hi all,
    My current mobile is a clunky POS so I figure it's time to get with the times.

    I'm chasing info on what phone I should look to grab. Things I want are
    1. Decent Camera
    2. Can play mp3s
    3. Can access the internet
    4. Will work as a modem for my laptop.
    5. Works as a SatNav

    I know that's asking a lot, but if it could manage all that I'd be stoked.



    Nokia N82 - it's £31 a month on O2 1200 min + 500 sms 18M at e2save…82/

    5MP xenon flash
    Mp3 - tick
    internet - tick
    modem - tick
    sat nav? Oh yeah!


    Wait 'till June (New iPhone)

    Original Poster

    Hey guys, thanks for the fast responses. Gives me somewhere to start.

    The next query I guess is once I've decided on a phone who do I sign up with. I know a lot of carriers have t&c that specifically dissallow using the phone as a modem.
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