Looking for a swinging chair you can actually swing on

Posted 21st Jul 2021
Just to clarify I don't mean the adult kind of swinging

We had a massive Costco play area that including some swings but my kids had outgrown the majority of it so I sold it. Daughter is missing having a swing.

We've looked at the swinging egg chairs and similar designs, plus swinging benches in wood and metal, so that other people can use them too. But I don't know if you can actually swing on those, as in more than a gentle sway.

Does anyone know of any that would be suitable, or should I just get an actual swing with a higher weight rating? She's only 11 but is above average weight and height (5 foot 6 already) and a lot of typical kid swings she's too heavy for. So yeah any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
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