looking for a toddler/childs car bed for a boy. any ideas?

    thanks in advance..



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    yeah didnt think of e bay. will take a gander

    good lad!!!

    I've just gone through this at xmas for my 2yr old!

    I narrowed the choice down to two styles...


    or this

    A local bed shop had the first one in stock and while it initially appealed because of all the paintwork, when you actually look at it whoever painted it must've been half blind, the 'artwork' is terrible!

    I eventually went for the second style, which can be had for under £150 on ebay (i'll PM you the seller I got mine from since I don't think I can in a thread). Quality is great, easy to put together (took me 45mins, taking my time) and while it doesn't look as interesting in the photos the detail of the doors and so on is cut in to the wood. Having seen the two styles this one looks loads better in real life.

    My little boy was pleased, but more interested in why Santa had tidied his bedroom!

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    thankyou thats really kind of u.
    Another one on the ay so want a cool bed so he wont feel thrown out of his cot. bless him


    thankyou thats really kind of u.Another one on the ay so want a cool … thankyou thats really kind of u.Another one on the ay so want a cool bed so he wont feel thrown out of his cot. bless him

    awwwwwwwwww good luck with the new baby x x

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    thankyou!!! Very excited

    Found this one in Littlewoods Direct from £125 vailable in blck or red - pretty good price I thought :thumbsup:…661

    I was looking for my little boy ages ago now but for the same reason but ended up getting him a high bed due to space in the end - he was still over the moon. Good luck with everything x

    My son has this one

    and he loves it! It's by Step2 and you will find them on eBay if you type 'car bed' into the search box and trawl through the listings

    It takes a cotbed size mattress and will last him till he is 5 years old, maybe 6.

    Your son sounds as though he is still little so I wouldn't advise you to buy a full-size bed as it will just take up too space in his bedroom.

    We got a Little Tikes Thomas the Tank Engine bed for our son when he came out of his cot, it was great as it was semi enclosed so he couldn't roll out. It lasted a good few years and we sold it for the same as what we paid for it. He loved it :-) Hope you find something…ess

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    hi there i have one for sale a blue tomy porsche car bed with no mattress but really good condition only asking £45. would have to be pick up in gloucestershire though..
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