Looking for a TV .... But has to be on Amazon

Posted 7th Jan
Hi all,

Struggling to find a TV, I know many of deals are posted here for TV's but I have £350 worth of vouchers for Amazon from work so has to be from Amazon, ideally would like to sell the vouchers but... Will put a bit more of my money into it also. Willing to pay like £500 max. Don't really want anything bigger than 50" I think 50 will be perfect, appreciate any help.
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If amazon has nothing selling the vouchers will get you close to £350 and then get a better deal, I rarely see good deals in tvs at Amazon so losing £20 on the vouchers could save you £100s, there’s been some good 50” deals for less than £300 so you’ll get a tv with cash selling vouchers
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Unless you go for a Sony and get their 5 year warranty I wouldn't buy a TV from Amazon and get the standard one or two year warranty. Sell the vouchers.
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